Dear Mom,

We had miscalculated. I came across Luckystar B-12. The typically Plutonian K-16 spacecraft is here a place of hygiene where humans reveal their bodily envelope. I saw the one who owned the landfill in which I fell. He was in a similar vessel and I saw his body. I did the same, except for a few details (he had a tentacle between his legs but I didn't include it in my new form.) For once I can walk around without tentacles!
Anyway I love it here. There are lots of different climates and lots of animal species although from what I understand half of them have disappeared. Grandfather had told us about the big lizards but I didn't see any.

I live in a virtual place, it's super handy when you want to escape the rain or 'the taxman' as they say. There are really too many images so it's not too relaxing, except when I plug my VPN in north korea (a country.) In the virtual world, everyone has the same head, the same body and some even have their mouths or waist redone so it twists the walls a bit. I'll send you a picture.
Humans obey several very powerful masters, but there are some even stronger than the others. They don't even know him visually but he scares them very much. They always have the impression that they will be able to overthrow him but listen mom, it's been 3 light years that I am here and this great master is still in place. They call it The System.
Finally, I could certainly join you on Mars 838 since humans seem to be looking for a way to get there. They will be very surprised! Haha (human expression for joking) But I still can't wait because delivery guy Dalek delivered my spark plugs there! I hate the Daleks!

kisses of the four suckers,
Your creature

P.S: if you want to answer me, send 'https', that's the code for Luckystar B-12, Earth as they say.

Newsletter from space

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